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City Councilor



shared Economic Development

I will work to develop Portland's workforce by improving public education and supporting trade programs.

Supporting education

I will fully fund Portland’s public education system, which builds equity and prepares young citizens from all backgrounds for participation in American democratic, public, and economic life. 

Expanding Democracy

Government works effectively only when the people it represents are fully engaged in the decision-making process from beginning to end.

Access to quality Housing

Portland needs more affordable housing stock. This much is clear: our proud city will not realize its true potential unless we stabilize housing prices.

Protecting the Environment

Portland's greatest wealth is its people and natural resources. Our own well-being depends of the health of our natural environment.

ABOUT pious

Dedicated public servant, assertive and pragmatic leader with a compassionate diversified skill set in community organizing, activism, and civic engagement, Pious was previously a Youth and Community Engagement Specialist at the University of Southern Maine’s Muskie School of Public Service's Portland Empowered and has spent the better part of his career focused on community engagement. He has created a meaningful and ongoing dialogue across cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, and faith-based barriers.

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