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I will work to develop Portland's workforce by improving public education and supporting trade programs. I will work with Greater Portland communities and the State to build a modern, comprehensive technical high school. Such a school would not only serve Portland’s future workforce but also that of Southern Maine.

As a member of the City's Economic Development Committee, I have worked with my colleagues and with Portland Adult Education to support those who are entering or re-entering the workforce with a pilot Workforce Retraining Project, which was funded in 2019. I look forward to extending the fruits of this initiative to all Portlanders.



Portland’s public education system builds equity and prepares young citizens from all backgrounds for participation in American democratic, public, and economic life. I will fully fund Portland's public education system.

I voted to fully fund the repair of Longfellow, Lyseth, Presumpscot, & Reiche Elementary Schools, and will continue to work towards supporting and building equity in Portland's public education system.



Government works effectively only when the people it represents are fully engaged in the decision-making process from beginning to end.

I will continue to work to improve engagement between Portland residents and City Hall, and will propose a new Office of Resident Engagement and Inclusivity.

I will work to implement Participatory Budgeting, so that every Portlander can have a voice in how Portland's resources are used.


access to quality housing

Portland’s housing crisis is complicated and City Hall and elected official cannot solve it by themselves.  This is why we are working with stake holders, including industry leaders and homeless and affordable housing advocates, as well as architects, developers, and others from across board to host Portland's first housing summit and explore the solutions that will work for our community.


Protecting the environment

Portland's greatest wealth is its people and natural resources. Our own well-being depends of the health of our natural environment.

I voted for Portland's 100% clean energy goal by 2040 and to strengthen the climate and clean energy elements of Portland's Comprehensive Plan, and will continue to work towards building a bright future for Portland and the natural environment on which we depend.

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